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Our History

In 1923 George Claude and his French company Claude Neon introduced neon gas signs to the United States, by selling two to a Packard car dealership in Los Angeles. Earle C.  Anthony purchased the two signs reading “Packard” for $2,500.00 Neon lighting quickly became a popular fixture in outdoor advertising. Visible even in daylight, people would stop and stare at the neon signs dubbed “liquid fire.”

Liquid fire, I really like that. It kind of hints at the primal pyromania that is deep inside so many of us.

Morry Weseloh started his 50+year neon career in 1945. He was known statewide and is still recognized as one of the most elite master neon technicians, When Channel 7 news Andrea Joyce filmed a neon piece about Morry.  She said “you can see the fire in his eyes.” Morry was admired and respected by all and is deeply missed. His passion for his work is a lighted legacy.

Gary Weseloh started Morry’s Neon Inc. in 1985. Morry was not ready to retire and quit the neon world. Gary provided the business start up, management and continued to administrate for years. Now Morry could continue with his neon passion for another decade. 

As Morry’s son growing up in the ‘70s, I was surrounded by America’s mid-century neon sign boom. The colors, shapes, fonts and animation constantly grabbed my attention. Fascinated by the warm colorful glow of the glass tubes, I find myself drawn to all things neon. I am honored to be one of a few second-generation neon tube benders. I am proud to continue the business that my father and brother built.  My commitment: to be as honest, reliable and professional in every aspect of Morry’s Neon as Morry himself would have been,


Glen Weseloh.

Heather Weseloh started with Morry’s in 2005. She manages the shop, processes the neon, works with customers and assists Tina in the office management. Heather is the only third generation neon technician I know in existence. A true asset.

Tina Weseloh is responsible for office management, purchasing and billing. She joined Morry’s part-time in 1999. Tina has a background in banking and administration. She joined the Morry’s team full time in January 2002.

Jay Hockhalter graduated from Northwest Technical College an extensive nine-month neon course. Starting with Morry’s in 2003, his unlimited artistic injection has become a true asset. His electrical and mechanical aptitude makes him one of the best neon installers ever. He has coordinated, delivered and installed over 200,000 feet of neon in 15 states.

Mario Hernandez has worked with Morry’s for 5 years. He is a master bender, certified neon processor and has a complete sign building background. He is bi-lingual and a very dedicated team member.

Greg Fischer has worked with Morry’s on a part time basis since 1985. He is responsible for drafting, graphic design and engineering. Greg holds a degree in industrial and mechanical design. He also has three patents to his credit.

Our six-person family owned shop combines over 70 years of experience in the neon business. We are anxious to work with you on any size project. We have built a solid reputation for knowledge, skill and commitment to quality. When the job calls for neon call Morry’s Neon. We are here to serve you.

Neon is a handmade “light bulb” and not all neon is created equal! We use the highest quality glass and nickel-flex electrodes with Dumet alloy inner leads, heavy-gauge solid-nickel corrosion-proof 7 stranded exterior leads and ceramic collars, the best we can buy, because except for heat cracking, most neon failures are electrode failures. Morry’s Neon uses Eurocom neon components. This state-of-the-art equipment and components allow us to achieve the highest level of visual aesthetics with the utmost technical quality. Some of Morry’s signs have been in place 50 years. One of our oldest signs is in the Lakewood Historical Society Center. Our technicians carefully charge each neon tube for optimum brilliance using the most sophisticated of neon pumping systems because the third most frequent cause of neon failure is improper pumping. Even though all neon dims in cold weather, neon manufactured by Morry’s Neon will dim less because we use gases specially formulated for cold weather, which are unaffected by hot weather.

The most common cause of neon failure is heat crackling. This is caused by improper installation (too much or too little neon footage for the size [secondary voltage] transformer used), or by the effects of high voltage on the shorter neon pieces. It is critically important to the long-life of both the neon and the power transformers that each transformer has the proper resistance in neon (loading) for secondary voltage.

Our neon technicians, process and, “burn in” each neon tube for twenty-four hours to stabilize the neon, then meters the neon to be connected to each transformer for both voltage and amperage draw to insure a proper load, because even identical neon letters will have different resistance. Most competitors neither meter nor “burn in” their neon. Well-made and properly installed neon should average a twenty-year lifetime (40,000 hours of use). Aside from their eye-catching appearance, which make neon lights an attractive choice for business signs and building decoration, neon tubes have also proven to be very sturdy and weather-resistant.

Artist, architects and interior designers are beginning to rediscover neon’s exciting possibilities. One day, city planners will recognize that the bleakness of City Centers is due, in part, to the absence of this colorful element.

There are over fifty different neon colors to choose from.   Glass tubes 8 mm to 18 mm thick is used to make neon, 18 mm to 30 mm thick to make so-called “cold-cathode”.  All things being equal, the smaller the tube, the more light output.

Our challenge is to give you a brighter sign, which attracts more customers, without increasing your sign, energy, or maintenance costs.  

When the job calls for neon, call Morry's Neon. Our friendly, experienced staff is here to serve you.

Morry's Neon Inc

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